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Summer Bucket List 2012

I’ve been unscheduling us for the summer. This spring (through a series of snafus) we’ve been way over scheduled. My daughter seem to thrive but it has been running me ragged. We need to calm down, focus on potty training & enjoy the summer!

So here’s our Summer Bucket List 2012

- Eat tons of watermelon, berries, corn on the cob & popsicles
- Go to the zoo
- Have friends over to eat outside on Sunday nights
- Make homemade icecream
- Pick your own fruit (strawberries, peaches, etc.)
- Weekly Farmers Markets
- Beach & pool! Find new lakes to visit!
- Screen free everyday 9-5? That’s a tough one – maybe we say except during nap time?
- Watch Fireworks
- Fly a kite
- Write letters
- Go to a splash park
- Make friendship bracelets

Update: take a family photo in front of a graffiti wall!

Out Personal

Love Letter to Washington Heights

A wonderful local lady is moving. She wrote this amazing goodbye to the neighborhood. It is beautiful! I’m thrilled to know many of them & looking forward to learning about those that i don’t. I need to start my own list!!

    Things we will miss (in no particular order)

Bright Beginnings
Russian Row (the line of benches along the way to New Leaf Cafe)
Collegiate Church sale
Pied Piper Children’s Theater
Rock walls of Fort Tryon Park
Bennett Park in the snow
Cafecito on Nagle
Washington Heights CSA
Indian Road Cafe ice coffee
Maria Mendoza (Beloved Nanny)
Moonrise over 181st
PS 153 family
The mighty Hudson River
The Washington Heights Halloween Parade
Salsa lady
George’s Pizza
Hudson View Garden art openings
George Washington Bridge night view from Chittenden
Glass of wine on Castle Village lawn
Bike rides along the river
Boot camp
The Art of Babywearing
Dr. Ware
Lobby mural at 570 Fort Wash
Above the Bridge nights
Saggio’s sardines on arugula
181 Cabrini ice coffee
Cornerstone Center
Harvest Fest
Nomads Yoga
PS 178 family
Wiggles & Giggles yoga night
Skate punks at the GWB
Inwood Hill Park lagoon
Metro North train whistle late at night
12 minute drive to beer garden in Astoria
Little Red Lighthouse festival
Linden Terrace sunsets
Music at United Palace
VIM Drugstore
Wisteria on Pinehurst steps
Fish pond at Hudson View Garden
Roof top parties
Dolphin Park teens
Riverside Drive bike commute
12 minute drive to King Spa in Palisades Park, NJ
Javis Park tire swing hysteria
Coogan’s Race
Lily of the Valley on Pinehurst
Cabrini Wines
Swindler’s Cove
Inwood Nature Center summer camp
Fort Washington children’s library
Purim mayhem
The orange azalea in the Heather Garden
Manhattan Times
Mother Cabrini babysitters
Dr. Redcross
Operatic voices drifting out of many apartments
Art Stroll
Washington Heights Children’s Jazz Choir
the M4
…and all my dear friends.

And she had a few more:
Columbia Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Open House
Music Together
Van Saun Park
Flat Rock Brook Nature Center

Out Personal


It is hard to believe that we will be here in 24 hours. I should probably print out a picture to keep me motivated on the plane with baby ride.


15 weeks

I get the feeling I’m going to look like the snake from the Little Prince. I’m showing at least to me & M. I borrowed extra large size uniform t-shirts yesterday so I’m prepared. We shall see how long I can make it at work.

I’m determined to spend more time at museums. I really enjoyed the Guggenheim & Anish Kapoors work last Sunday. Today (my day off) – we’re headed to the Met for Robert Frank’s Americas & some quality time in the Egyptian collection. It will always remind me of Gaga.


Community Garden at Dyckman

I’ve been looking around for a community garden near my house. The closest that I’ve found is this lovely garden at Dyckman Street. I’m hoping that I can get involve this next year!


Seeds from the PlantShed

I visited the PlantShed on 96th Street yesterday. It is fantastic and much cheaper than the Chelsea plant store on 38th and 10th Ave. I brought home a pile of seed packages. I’ve never started seeds indoors so I followed these directions… Hopefully soon, we will have cilantro, mint, and dill sprouts!!


Chihuly at the Bronx Botanical Garden

I caught the show two days before it closed. It was beautiful, nothing unexpected, but still lovely. There were many interesting comparisons in shape and color.
IMG_0980 IMG_0945 IMG_0968